Upon clients' requests, VietSpan Services will provide the certification of any translations produced by Vietspan Services. There are several levels of certification, from simple public notary to the certificate issued according to the specifc requests of our clients.
         During years of our services, there were many important projects and complex docunents which required highest quality, upmost reliability, and our clients could not afford any mistakes or ambiguos in the translations. Therfore, they did ask for the translation certifcation issued by their chosen institutions . Some requests were really challenging to us because the clients have selected the organizations/institutions (from their own research) which they believed those institutions would have the top expertise in the fields.
         As VietSpan Language services LLC has an in-house highly qualified team, we are happy to take any specific requests for the translation certification. We are confident that our translations will be certified to meet or exceed whatever criteria that our clients would like to have on our products. Please be advised that the translation certification does cost you more. However, if you can afford it, we recommend that you should consider this option, especially for the important, strategic translation projects. We are glad to work with you to provide you the translation certfication needed for the success of your business.
         Below is a page of the multi-page translation certfication which a client has requested to be issued by the Department of Science and Technology (People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City) for their highly technical documents that would be used in Viet Nam for trainning, knowledge transfer, and to do business with their strategic partners in Vietnam.

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