At this time, in The United States of America we still do not have the official standards/processes to issue licenses for interpreters or translators. Therefore, in the interpreting/translation business, much research and investigation are needed to find the right professionals for the job. Even to linguists, sometimes this is not an easy task, especially for important translation projects, or complex documents that require the highest level of accuracy.
There have been many cases which were well recorded in courts, as well as in text books indicating the damages caused by unreliable interpretation or translations.
         Poor interpreting/translations can create troubles to the services requesters who are responsible for providing the accurate, reliable interpretation/translations needed for business operation, especially for translations of the legal documents.
         Thus, the best protection and first line of defense in the interpreting/translation business is to make the right decisions, to find the right persons for the job, to do background checking and consider quality, cost and the outcome in choosing the qualified interpreters/translators for your projects.
         Some documents below are dedicated to inform clients on how to make the right decisions in contracting for the translation projects. These documents are either from ATA (American Translators Association ) or other organizations devoted to solving the problems that the interpreting/translation industry is facing and they do contain many good questions that you can ask the service providers before selecting them to do the assignment.

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