• At VietSpan Translation and Interpretation Services we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality in translation and interpretation in English to Vietnamese and Vietnamese to English.
  • Our professional staff at VietSpan understands that in today's global economy, translation and interpretation services must be accurate, affordable, and timely. We support a full range of our clients’ professional needs, from straightforward business presentations to complex technical documentation.
  • Our translation and interpretation services have the records of 100% customers satisfaction - Please refer to the list of our happy clients - References are available upon requests. Our work have been highly appreciated by clients. Our policy is the work is not done (and not billed) until the client is 100% satisfied .
  • VietSpan Translation & Interpretation Services LLC has the most qualified in-house staff of translators and interpreters. Members of VietSpan technical Staff are required to have minimum of two 4-year college degrees, one in Vietnam and the second in USA ( or English-speaking countries such as Australia, England, Canada .. ). Most technical staff members have publication of their translation work.
  • We have technical staff member(s) with Security Clearance levels required for the translation of confidential documents.
  • Certification of any English to Vietnamese translation is available upon request.
  • In North America, VietSpan Language Services LLC is the only licensed, certified and highly professional company with in-house professionals specializing in only one pair of languages: English - Vietnamese.
  • VietSpan Services was nominated for The S. Edmund Berger Prize sponsored by The American Translator Association (ATA) and The American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI) for Excellence in Scientific and Technical Translation.
  • Translations produced by VietSpan LLC have been used as references in many fields such as Hi-tech, Computing, Banking, Healthcare, Export Controls, Laws, Knowledge transfer, Education. Our products were recognized by translators, interpreters, Vietnamese Linguistics, Vietnamese Authorities, as well as ATA for the excellence in our interpreting and translation work.
  • VietSpan products are highly recognized and are used as references in High Technical field, Computing, Banking, Healthcare Services, Export Controls, Laws, Knowledge Transfer, and Education.
  • Our members are the pioneers in the pilot project which led to form this US Government Agency National Language Service Corp. . We established relationships with the subject matter experts in a variety of disciplines. Their expertise helps us to ensure the most accurate translations for the most intricate projects.

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Translations work of VietSpan Services was nominated for The S.Edmund Berger Prize in Excellence in Scientific and Technical Translation - Year 2005", sponsored by The American Translators Association (ATA) and The American Foundation for Translation and Interpretation (AFTI).

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