Rates & Payment:
  • For the interpretation services, rate depends on the subject matter, what city and duration that we will provide the services.
  • For translation services, rate depends on the contents, complexity of the documents, and turn-around time. Typically, it is about 18-25 cents / word which includes average graphics/format/lay-out and peers proofreading. Word count is based on the Vietnamese words (regardless of what language in the source, or target document, for pictures, rate is calculated as number of words which would occupy the same space).
  • Translated documents can be rendered in any requested formats, and delivered in any media (CD, VCD, DVD format).
  • Our technical staff can handle documents in any software format, platform (Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix ) and can be rendered by request for any specific software, and platform.
  • For big projects, once the final cost has been agreed and confirmed, deposit may be required before we start the work.
  • For interpreting/voice-over services, the minimum order is $300 USD plus travel cost
  • For translation services, minimum order: $75 USD, for urgent request, it's $100 USD.
  • Urgent delivery and certification of the translation will have extra charge.
  • Urgent delivery is the request for the translation to be delivered within 3 business days after workable documents and PO are confirmed.
  • Once we have committed and scheduled for the work, if the assignment is cancelled by the client. There is a cancellation fee of 20% of the PO.
  • For translation, the cancellation fee may be higher, if we have spent significantly time on the project.
  • At VietSpan, we compete by quality not by price, and believe that quality does cost but it will pay off.
  • For the edition, we usually decline the requests , based on our experience, it's not productive and efficient. Many times, it's a "redo" job, not the proof-reading or editing one
  • The cost includes every steps to guarantee the highest quality of the product (such as proofreading, peers review, edition, formatting and graphics work ).
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Our translation and interpretation services have the records of 100% customers satisfaction Our policy is the work is not done (and not billed ) until the client is 100% satisfied .

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Translation Fee

Document Types Rates
Web pages,HTML, XML documents
$50 to $100 per screen page
Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates
$50 to $100 per page
Legal Documents, Immigration papers
$60 to $120 per page
College Transcripts, High School Transcripts Diplomas, College Degree Certificates, Academy records
$75 to $125 per page
Thesis, Essays, Articles
$50 to $100 per page
Magazines, Brochures, Newspapers,
Employee Manuals,Training Manuals etc.
$0.16 to $0.20 per word
Technical documents $0.16 to $0.20 per word
Medical documents $0.18 to $0.25 per word
Typical rates for other documents
$0.16 to $0.20 per word
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